Our Suppliers

Food is at the heart of what we do, so we ensure it only comes from people we trust, who have the same priorities as us.

People from Virginia Park Lodge getting vegetable deliveries

Across all his menus, Chef Corrigan commits to the cycles of the seasons and the food each produces. With every movement of the calendar, nature has something else to give that when treated with respect will taste just as it should

Sourcing from a local growers, cooking consciously and following the natural patterns of the seasons allows the food to tell its story. From the soil it’s painstakingly grown to the care it has been given, fresh seasonal ingredients make themselves known. Our suppliers, carefully chosen by Chef Corrigan and the team, allow us to ensure that very little else has gone on between harvest and your plate, just the way that it should be.

Our Journal 

30 September 2023

Oyster Championship

Have your oysters shucked by the world's best, here at Bentley's! Congratulations to our very own Federico Fiorillo for winning the World Championships.

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08 June 2023

Corrigan's Masterclass

With five restaurants, three cookbooks, dishes served to the late Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama, and four Great British Menu wins under his belt

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02 February 2023

Corrigan's Caviar

Can you tell your Kaluga from your Beluga? You've come to the right place. Dive into the Corrigan's Guide to Caviar ahead of your next dinner event.

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07 December 2022

The Mayfair Christmas Shopping Guide

Follow our festive Mayfair route to take in all the sights, with plenty of shopping, Christmas decorations and of course - Champagne at Bentley's!

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